Because Guys Can Cook Good Food Too!

Juicing: Days 5, 6, & 7

Day 5
I was at home most of the day so I did not have any issues with meal prep. Most of the day was filled with studying for my finals so my mind was busy cramming in all the information I was supposed to learn in the previous term to worry about hunger.

Day 6
This day was not bad at all, at first. I prepped my juices before heading out to my study session and all was well. One juice before the study session and one juice after the session, I should be okay, right? Lol, kinda. I ended up going to Panera to finish some studying because I needed a change of venue. That move was sort of a mistake. Since I was out of the juice I made in the morning I settled to get a cup of their blonde roast coffee, no milk, no sugar. That was enough to get me through for about 3 hours or so. The issue I really was having was that I missed chewing food. This may seem weird, but it’s the little act of chewing your food that really satisfies me. (At least that’s what I have learned in this process) Of course as dinner time came around I got a little hungry and decided (was convinced by IseeHealth) that eating a salad was not a real cheat-meal. So I ended up getting the Spicy Sabzi salad from Sweetgreen substituting the quinoa and tofu with mushrooms and spicy pickles. This might sound funny, but that was the best cheat-meal ever. I enjoyed the crispness of the greens and the crunch of the carrots. I had been juicing so long that I think I actually forgot how to chew food. During that meal I bit myself at least 5 times. Crazy, I leave solid foods for 6 days and I forget how to chew, lol! That was only a preview of my discomfort that night.

As the night progressed, by stomach was not happy with me. I could actually feel the salad working its way through my digestive track. Also, my tummy wasn’t shy letting everybody around me know that it was digesting. I did not really have any pangs, but rather just loud grumbling noises.  It’s amazing how fast your body adapts. I was only way form solid foods for 6 days and my body had gotten used to no longer having to digest food. By the end of the night things seemed to get better and I figured I would be able to sleep it off.

Day 7
Juicing went as planned and I was able prep my juices in the morning. Based upon what happened the previous day I decided that I’d go back to the juice diet, but end the night with a carrot. I figured that this would allow me to transition back into solid foods without shocking my digestive system.

I’ll be posting my overall thoughts of the juice diet, what I would do differently, and if I would do it again in the coming days. (I’ve got a final project that’s due on Friday and I still haven’t looked at it yet, oops!)


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