Because Guys Can Cook Good Food Too!

Going Vegan: Days 3 & 4

So far so good! I haven’t had any meat cravings and finding vegan options have not been a real issue. I think the lack of the meat craving is due to the alternative meat options I have found. For example, the Morningstar Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets are amazing! Don’t get me wrong, they don’t taste like ribs, but they are enjoyable. Aside from the fact that I thought the BBQ sauce was a little too sweet – I like my BBQ sauce to be a nice mix of spicy and sweet like RJ’s Café’s BBQ sauce – their texture was more like a hamburger patty. Also, yesterday I ended up trying some Tofurky® Italian Sausage. These guys were a little harder to eat because I did not care for the seasoning and I felt like they had too much salt in them. I ended up balancing it out by chopping them up and putting them into a salad.

The one major issue I keep running into, as Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan has mentioned in her “Diary of a One-Month Vegan,” is the sudden feeling of intense hunger pangs. For the most part, I am trying to offset this by eating something every 2 hours or so, but when I just eat fruits and veggies I feel full, but hollow at the same time. It is when I am feeling hollow that I notice the sudden hunger pangs arise. So to counterbalance this I plan on adding some carbs to the mix while I do these snack sessions. Throwing in a Cliff Bar here and there and munching on some Trail Mix (minus the M&Ms), I feel will be an adequate solution.

This weekend should be exciting because I’ll finally get a chance to do some Vegan Cooking! Maybe that will help also since I will not be eating just fruits and veggies during the day.

Morningstar Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets with some mixed greens

Morningstar Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets with some mixed greens


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