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Going Vegan: Days 3 & 4

So far so good! I haven’t had any meat cravings and finding vegan options have not been a real issue. I think the lack of the meat craving is due to the alternative meat options I have found. For example, the Morningstar Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets are amazing! Don’t get me wrong, they don’t taste like ribs, but they are enjoyable. Aside from the fact that I thought the BBQ sauce was a little too sweet – I like my BBQ sauce to be a nice mix of spicy and sweet like RJ’s Café’s BBQ sauce – their texture was more like a hamburger patty. Also, yesterday I ended up trying some Tofurky® Italian Sausage. These guys were a little harder to eat because I did not care for the seasoning and I felt like they had too much salt in them. I ended up balancing it out by chopping them up and putting them into a salad.

The one major issue I keep running into, as Elisabeth Kwak-Hefferan has mentioned in her “Diary of a One-Month Vegan,” is the sudden feeling of intense hunger pangs. For the most part, I am trying to offset this by eating something every 2 hours or so, but when I just eat fruits and veggies I feel full, but hollow at the same time. It is when I am feeling hollow that I notice the sudden hunger pangs arise. So to counterbalance this I plan on adding some carbs to the mix while I do these snack sessions. Throwing in a Cliff Bar here and there and munching on some Trail Mix (minus the M&Ms), I feel will be an adequate solution.

This weekend should be exciting because I’ll finally get a chance to do some Vegan Cooking! Maybe that will help also since I will not be eating just fruits and veggies during the day.

Morningstar Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets with some mixed greens

Morningstar Farms® Hickory BBQ Riblets with some mixed greens


Going Vegan Days 1 & 2

So far days 1 & 2 have been going well. The hardest part aside from reading labels has been drinking the protein shakes. They lack any flavor and are chalky in nature. Typically I just mix the powder with some water, but in the coming day I’m going to try making it with some soy/almond milk and blend in some fruits. Hopefully this will make it less of a chore and more palatable. My diet has basically consisted of the following items throughout the day:

  • A Banana & Protein Shake (Breakfast)
  • Celery, Broccoli, Carrots, Cliff Bar, Nuts, Dates, Orange, & Apple (Snacks & Lunch)
  • Lentils / Fake Meat, Quinoa Bread, Mixed Greens (Dinner)
  • With plenty of water throughout the day as well.

I will have to admit that by the time I head home from work I feel really empty and hungry. To resolve this I plan on adding some complex carbs into my diet.

We had a buddy that wanted to go out to dinner yesterday and since Imran and I have started this vegan journey we knew going out to eat would be difficult. So I did a little research and found out that Zpizza has a vegan option. We ended up getting the Berkeley Vegan Pizza: marinara sauce, vegan cheese, veggie burger crumbles, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, bell peppers. It was really yummy and the fake cheese was not as dreadful as I expected.  Yes, its consistency was a little off, but overall it was quite good and makes me excited to try more vegan places in the DMV area.

Imran with our Berkeley Vegan Pizza

Imran with our Berkeley Vegan Pizza

Going Vegan

My brother and I have decided to try being Vegan for a month. All in all it has been a good experience. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a huge meat eater. Given the option of eating healthy or to go with a juicy animal product, I’d traditionally go with the latter. That being said, last week Imran and I were sitting around just talking and the topic of trying vegetarianism came up. I stated that it seems to be a healthy lifestyle. To me it seems like as a society we eat massive amounts of meat when traditional societies would eat meat sporadically, such as special events or in times of dire need. Imran stated that if I was going to try that, then I might as well go all the way and become vegan; Imran so eloquently stated, “Go Big or Go Home!” So we decided to try it out for a month and see if we could last and if we’d feel healthier afterwards.

To prep for the upcoming week, we hit up a local Co-Op and Trader Joe’s to get some supplies. Since I was booked for the weekend and wouldn’t have time to cook, we bought a variety of Tofu based fake meats, hemp & soy protein powders , soy & almond milks, canned beans, and quinoa items.

With these items as a starting point and the wonderful fruits and veggies from the local store, we plan to take this journey into veganism for the next month. As our journey progresses, I’ll try to keep you all updated!

First week’s supplies minus the fruits and veggies.

First week’s supplies minus the fruits and veggies.